Ensemble Houthandel BE worked together with the British composer Philip Feeney during the dance performances 'Peter and the Wolf' by production house ‘In the Wings’.

After this inspiring encounter Houthandel  commissioned the composer to write the music for a new production of Ensemble Houthandel BE.

As from season 2012-2013 Houthandel presents the amazing production "Do You Remember?" , where both Philip Feeney as the ensemble stress what they think is important in a performance: prickling the senses!

Composer Philip Feeney was looking for a totally personal Houthandel-story for "Do You Remember?". The five musicians of the ensemble told him their big and small memories, sometimes funny or moving, sometimes thrilling or sad. Inspired by their memories Feeney composed an anecdotic work that tells about a shrinking letter box, the magic of theater, a tender grandmother and much more!

A visual performance with the sounds of a contemporary, joyful composer and brought to you with a renewed look by the Houthandel musicians.

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Sarah Vermeyen: flute

Evy Van Dongen: clarinet

Maarten Wijnen: oboe

Rogier Steel: horn

Jonas Coomans: bassoon

Music: Philip Feeney

Production: Sybrand van der Werf



Prologue: Meet and Greet


Concerning the Shrinking Letter Box

Relating to a Scary Leap

Of Insomniac Cows and Terrifying Bulls

Relating to an unwelcome Gnome Dance

Wherein we meet the Loud Family

A Tender Grandmother

An Encounter with Klezmer

Secret Prayer

On Milk and Distress

Of Canyons and Oceans

Concerning an Enchanted Stage

Alone, with a nod at Salieri

Epilogue: Farewell

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