Ensemble Houthandel BE presents an interactive concert moment:

"Do You Remember?"


Target group: Children between 6 and 14 years and their parents, grandparents , aunts and/or uncles.


Composer Philip Feeney was looking for a totally personal Houthandel-story for "Do You Remember?". The five musicians of the ensemble told him their big and small memories, sometimes funny or moving, sometimes thrilling or sad. Inspired by their memories Feeney composed an anecdotic work that tells about a shrinking letter box, the magic of theater, a tender grandmother and much more!

"Do You Remember?" is an interactive concert experience, where the musicians can use different young collaborators during the concert!

The woodwind quintet need ‘helpers’ to change the scenery, to pass the instruments or to browse through the sheet music. Some young listeners will be chosen from the audience for that purpose.

A unique experience to stand on stage with professional musicians and to be an important support to an adventurous chamber music concert!


Extra: Meet & Greet after the performance.

During the ‘Meet & Greet’ children, parents and grandparents can make acquaintance with Sarah, Evy, Maarten, Rogier and Jonas, the woodwind quintet players of Ensemble Houthandel BE.

You can look at their instruments and even try them out. You can discover the tricks behind the scenery. What’s more, the musicians take their time to tell you how this personal performance has come into existence and they are very curious about your own funny, moving or thrilling memories.


Watch the trailer!



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