Lights out, spots on. And then ... nothing at all.


The buzz dies down. Silence everywhere! Tension rises. Goose bumps, glowing ears and cheeks, blinking eyes! As well as with the audience, as with the artists backstage.


An invisible voice resounds: ‘Enjoy yourselves, ladies and gentlemen!’


And then suddenly: Pats! Boem! The spectacle begins.


Kicking Sawdust is full of rhythm, swing, classic, Latin music, beat. The young musicians of Ensemble Houthandel BE express the music’s sensitivity and communicate with their whole body. It’s not so much the question of melody or the sound of the musical instruments they play on. No, you’ve got tricks and technique for that. What they do, is something quite different, something more. It relates to their combined play, to their individual personalities and of course to their music itself. A multicoloured spectacle, an own, recognizable sound, a subtle equilibrium. Not to be analysed, but immediately susceptible . Your breath stops short. Kicking Sawdust brings you climax after climax. Kicking Sawdust is conceived as a performance. On the play bill: Gordon Jacob (1895-1984), Wim Hendrickx (1962) and Sam Vloemans (1979). Houthandel offer in this way a wayward, creative platform where contemporary music and classical repertoire enter into dialogue. At the same time Kicking Sawdust is also a bundle of limelights, where musicians and audience equally meet and inspire.


text: Joris Capenberghs



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