"Since 2008… more than 120 performances!"


Ensemble Houthandel BE would like to renew the notion of ‘concert’. Through interaction with the audience they’d like to reduce the space between the audience and the players to a minimum. Next to the musical aspect a lot of attention goes to the verbal and visual aspect as well. In this way the concerts gain an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Because classical music is regarded by a lot of people as being dull and difficult, the musicians would like to convey to the audience their love for the spectacular repertoire written for the woodwind section of the orchestra. Past concerts have shown that both young and old are equally attracted.

With their careful programming Houthandel want to pay attention both to the standard repertoire as to the work of lesser known or through history forgotten composers.  Daring programmes as well as unconventional cross-overs are therefore not excluded.

Houthandel dissolve all boundaries between stage and audience. In this spectacle they alternate the classical repertoire with word, image and choreography. They play on, in front of, behind and between… a bombardment of all your senses! The Grote Houthandel Antwerpen Show proves that classical music lives ... and how!



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